Past Pre-Conferences & Learning Events

The pre-conferences have taken place on 3rd, 12th and 26th of November.

During the events there were two venues in Semara and Jijiga where participants could follow the pre-conference in a venue with conference facilities and good internet connection.

The proceedings and presentations of the pre-conferences and the learning events can be accessed below:
Pre-conference 1 - 3rd November 2020.
Pre-conference 2 - 12th November 2020.
Pre-conference 3 - 26th November 2020.

Learning Event 1 - 9th March 2021
Learning Event 2 - 28th April 2021
Learning Event 3 - 16th June 2021.
Learning Event 4 - 29th July 2021.
Learning Event 5 - 31st August 2021.

For the specific page on the Learning Events, click here.

For any questions related to the pre-conferences contact us through dream2preconferences@metameta.nl or call us through +251-911-380670 (Nardos Masresha) or +251-921-875414 (Girma Senbeta).

Overview of the logistics for the DREAM II Pre-conferences

Upcoming Learning Event

The next Learning Event will take place on August 31st, 2021, the time for the event is 10.00 - 13.00AM Ethiopian Time.

The Learning Event will take place online, with parallel physical meetings in Semera and Jigjiga.

The theme of the Learning Event on August 30th is The Need for Regional Planning: the Case of Gully Control near to Jigjiga City. Gully control near Jigjiga and in particular the need for integrated spatial planning for Upper Fafan is the topic of the event. The learning event will present both the technical issues, the underlying planning and coordination challenge and the lessons from recent efforts in land and water conservation in Upper Fafan. The aim of the event is to discuss land and water resource conservation in practice, understanding constraints and opportunities, specifically focused on the Upper Fafan catchment, that effects the future of Jigjiga City of more than 350,000.

This Pre-Event will take stock of the current plans and efforts, olicies and arrangement for woreda-level planning and coordination and how on the ground this can be strengthened so as to practical first steps to overcome these.  It is hoped to bring about coordinated action and strengthened processes to reverse the increasing degration in the area. 

Registration for the event can be done here. After registration you will receive the details on how to participate online.

Summary of the program

The full program can be downloaded here.

Participation details can be downloaded here
Time Activity Theme
10.00 Opening Introduction to the program of the day.
10.25 Presentations Series of short presentations with Q&A
     - Overview of Jigjiga Watershed
     - Gully Control Measures
     - Stakeholder Mapping for Coordinated Gully management
11.10 Reflections from   
11.25 Moderated Discussion Online discussion and in Jigjiga and Semara
12.00 Reporting back Reports from the working groups
12.10 Panel Responses  
12.40 Discussion and Wrapping up  
DREAM ASAL Conference 2021

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DREAM ASAL Conference 2021