DREAM II pre-conference 4 proceedings

Conference Proceedings

The fourth DREAM II pre-conference successfully took place on June 16th 2021. A group of over 70 participants gathered in the online setting and at venues in Semera and Jigjiga. As part of the program there was a welcome speech by the Professor Degefa, presentations from Somali and Afar region and two presentations from specific projects of GIZ and US-AID/Mercy Corps.

From the table below the presentations can be downloaded for future reference.

The agenda of the pre-conference is available here.​

The proceedings of the fourth pre-conference available here.

Download the banner of the Pre-Conference here.
Prof. Degefa   Opening Speech
Ato Ahmed Somali Region Presentation
  Afar Region Reflection (page 7)
Paul Roden GIZ-SDR Presentation
Dubale Admasu  US-AID Presentation
Mahlet Seifu Mercy Corps Presentation
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DREAM ASAL Conference 2021