DREAM II pre-conference 3 proceedings

Conference Proceedings

The third DREAM II pre-conference successfully took place on November 26th 2020. A group of over 80 participants gathered in the online setting and at venues in Semera and Jigjiga. As part of the program there was a welcome speech by the program manager of the GIZ SDR-ASAL programme, a kick-off presentation on behalf of the Lowland Livelihood Resilience Program (LLRP). The meeting continued with a plenary discussion on the current coordination structures and what priorities are in improved coordination and cooperation. The meeting was closed by an outlook towards the future activities up to the DREAM II conference and a closing speech by HE State Minister Ato Sani Redi.

The proceedings of the third pre-conference will become available in a few days.

From the table below the presentations can be downloaded for future reference.

The agenda of the pre-conference can be downloaded here.​

The proceedings of the third pre-conference can be downloaded here.

Download the banner of the Pre-Conference here.
Dr. Elisabeth v.d. Akker GIZ-SDR ASAL Welcome Speech
Ato Seid Omer National Coordinator Lowland Livelihood Resilience Program Presentation
Initiative Group Current map of coordination structures and observations Mind Map*
  Quiz during break Quiz
Dr. Elisabeth v.d. Akker GIZ-SDR ASAL Discussion Points
  Intro and discussion points for the plenary discussion Discussion Points
H.E. Ato Sani Redi Ministry of Agriculture Closing Speech

* we welcome suggestions to improve the mindmap. Please share them through dream2preconferences@metameta.nl.

H.E. Ato Sani Redi, Ministry of Agriculture, delivering the closing speech of the Third Pre-conference
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