Proceedings Hybrid DREAM Event - 29-Sep

Event Logistics

The Hybrid Event will take place online and with physical meetings in Jigjiga and Semera.

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The proceedings are available here and presentations can be downloaded from the table below.

Conference Proceedings

The Hybrid DREAM Event will take place on September 29th through an online meeting and physical meetings in Semera and Jigjiga.


Time Activity Link
09.30 Welcome  
09.40 Opening Speech
09.50 Policy Directions on Lowland Development Link
10.00 Introduction of the DVRPU approach Link
10.10 Flood-based farming experiences from Sudan, Eritrea and Pakistan Eritrea (clip)
11.00 Farming practices, setting the scene for Ethiopia
- Extension Directorate (Somali)
- Research Institure Nuru (Afar)
- Universities (Jigjiga)
Jigjiga University
11.45 Parallel Group Discussion (Semera, Jigjiga and online) Questions
12.15 Presentation and discussion of Group Work Online Discussion
12.25 Wrap-up and closing  
DREAM ASAL Conference 2021

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DREAM ASAL Conference 2021