DREAM II Conference

The DREAM II Conference took place from 15 - 18 March 2022 in Adama, Ethiopia. A group of about 200 participants gathered over the course of four days to discuss the development of the lowlands.
  • The proceeding are now available and can be downloaded here.
  • To get a glimpse of the activities during the conference, check the program below or access the full program here.
  • The presentations and recordings of the various sessions can be accessed here.
  • The joint declaration of commitment can be downloaded here.
  • Pictures of the DREAM II Conference can be accessed here.

DREAM II Conference Program

The DREAM II conference took place at the Kereyu Hill Resort in Adama from Tuesday 15 - Friday 18 March 2022.

The detailed program can be downloaded here.

Summary of the program

Day 1 - Tue 15 March  
Morning Registration
  Welcome and Introduction of program
  Key-note speeches
  Expectation of the conference
  Review on the DREAM I conference
Afternoon Introduction of the DREAM II conference
  Coordination and Cooperation, including working groups
  Closing of the day
Evening Dinner
Day 2 - Wed 16 March  
Morning Coordination and Cooperation, presentations by partners
  Interaction with program representatives
Afternoon Mapping activity
  Working groups - expectations to coordinate and cooperate
  Presentation of the working groups and mapping exercise
Evening Dinner
Day 3 - Thu 17 March  
Morning Capacity building - Capacity building matters in many ways
  Vocational training - Encouraging directions: vocational trainings against tuition fee
  Universities - introducing the University program
  Working Groups: building an educational program for the lowlands
Afternoon Presentations of the working groups
  Panel Discussion and Plenary Discussion
  Signing of Joint Declaration
  Closure of the conference and way forward
Evening Special Dinner
Day 4 - Fri 18 March  
Morning DREAM Fair with stands, speaker podium, presentations, videos, networking meeting
  Closure and way forward
Afternoon Lunch

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