- Presentations of DREAM II Conference

Conference proceedings

The conference proceedings of the DREAM II Conference can be downloaded here.

Presentations and Recordings of Day 1

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Representatives of Regions Welcome and Blessing   Link
Dr. Elisabeth v/d Akker Expectations and introduction to DREAM II Presentation Link
Laura Schmidt, Head of German Development Cooperation Speech German Embassy   Link
Dr. Kaba Urgessa     Link
HE Prof Eyasu Elias, State Minister Key note Ministry of Agriculture and challenge to DREAM II,  opening of the conference   Link
Tezera Getahun Message from Civil Society:  Pastoralist Forum Ethiopia   Link
Dubale Admasu Short review of the DREAM I conference and summary of previous pre-conferences Link will follow Link
Dr Paul Roden Honest reflection: where are we with the follow-up of DREAM 1? Link Link
Dr Abdul Kadir Imam The real challenges of cooperation: the example of Sheikh Ali Gur Gully Link Link
Dr. Alena Sander Myths and realities of collaboration and coordination: an honest discussion of how difficult it really is and what it takes to make it work. Link Link
  Mindmap Link  
  Presentations from working groups and discussion   Link
  Closing of the day: wrap up of the day and inputs for Joint Declaration    


Pictures of Day 1


Presentations and Recordings of Day 2

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Assefa Kumsa Welcome and summary of day 1 Link Link
Fatou Jah, IOM Cooperation and coordination: Durable Solution Working Group Somali Region and federal level Link Link
Kenea Feyisa Cooperation and coordination: LLRP Link Link
Dubale Admasu Cooperation and coordination: US-AID Link Link
Gerben August van Ek Cooperation and coordination: SDR   Link
  Cooperation and coordination: PNSP Link Link
  Presentation of the mapping exercise: where is the synergy, where are the gaps? Link to follow Link
  Working group discussion on key topics, following the results of Day 1 and 2 - what do we need to come to a better coordination of activities on the ground and to a better cooperation?
Closing of the day


Pictures of day 2


Presentations and Recordings of Day 3

Speaker Topic Presentation Recording
Assefa Kumssa Welcome and summary of day 2 Link Link
Dr Elias Abdullahi, Vice-President Jigjija University Capacity building matters in many ways Link Link
Mr Abdu Hassan, Deputy Bureau Head TVET, Afar Creating employment opportunities with capacity building Link (English)
Link (Amharic)
Three TVETs (Adadale, Gode, Gewane) Encouraging directions: vocational trainings against tuition fee Adadale
  Plenary: Where are we? What are bottlenecks in educational programming?   Link
Lowland Universities Way forward for the universities – the contribution of regional universities in lowland development Link Link
  Presentations of the working groups   Link
  Panel Discussion and Plenary Discussion:
How to realize better cooperation and  coordination in educational programming for lowlands? What could capacity development add? Where to start?
  Reading of the Joint Declaration Declaration Link
  Signing of Joint Declaration Signatures Link
  Closure of the conference and way forward   Link
Pictures of day 3


Pictures of day 4 - DREAM fair

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