DREAM II pre-conferences


Overview of the logistics for the DREAM II Pre-conferences

The pre-conferences have taken place on 3rd, 12th and 26th of November.

During the events there were two venues in Semara and Jijiga where participants could follow the pre-conference in a venue with conference facilities and good internet connection.

The proceedings of the pre-conferences can be accessed below:
Pre-conference 1 - 3rd November 2020.
Pre-conference 2 - 12th November 2020.
Pre-conference 3 - 26th November 2020.

For any questions related to the pre-conferences contact us through dream2preconferences@metameta.nl or call us through +251-911-380670 (Nardos Masresha) or +251-921-875414 (Girma Senbeta).

DREAM ASAL Conference 2021

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DREAM ASAL Conference 2021