This page contains an overview of the extension materials developed for GIZ. Currently there are two packages.
From the tables below the materials can be accessed. Be aware these are draft versions of the materials. The final versions will be shared through this page, once available.

Package 1 – Soil and Water Conservation Measures

01Decision Maker’s Note, Dry Land Soil and Water ConservationBriefLink
02Overall Manual, Use of Extension MaterialsManualLink
03aIntroduction to Water Spreading WeirsClipEnglish


04Water Spreading Weirs (WSWs)
Good practices for utilizing and maintaining WSWs for  increased resilience in Afar and Somali region
05.1Ten Year Vision Poster, How the landscape will transform after the the implementation,
right use and maintenance of the Water Spreading Weirs…
05.2aOptions to utilize the water behind the WSWsPosterLink
05.2bSteps to maintain the Water Spreading WeirsPosterLink
05.3Water Spreading Weir, Do’s and Don’tsPosterPart A

Part B

Part C

06Introduction to Dry Stone MeasuresClipEnglish


07Dry Stone Measures, Good practices for utilizing and maintaining DSMs for increased resilience in Afar and Somali regionFlipbookLink
08Community guide on Checking Water Spreading Weirs and Dry Stone Measures and Preparing Plan For MaintenanceGuideLink
10InfoTech, Growing elephant grass on soil bundsInfotechLink
11aLand preparation and water conservation: making field bundsClipEnglish
11bLand preparation and water conservation: deep ploughing and planking/ sand mulchingClipEnglish
12Horizontal learning package, Farmer to Farmer Exchange on Field Level Water ManagementGuideLink
13aLand Use Game – Options for Soil Moisture ManagementGameRules



13bLand Use – Option for Soil Moisture ManagementBriefLink
14Radio Campaigns for Soil & Water ConservationBriefLink


Package 2 – Lowland Agriculture

16Decision Maker’s Note, Future Opportunities for Flood-based Farming in Afar and Somali RegionBriefLink
17aGame, The Agro-Pastoralist JourneyGameLink
17.b1Maze, crop production, select the right pathGameLink
17.b2Maze, crop production, cut and pasteGameLink
18Fodder production BriefBriefLink
19Flipbook, Fodder grasses and legumes for the lowland contextFlipbookLink
20How to establish native grasses for fodder and seed productionPosterLink
21Guide on Lowland Contextualized Crop OptionsBriefLink
22aMaize, use, storage and processingPosterLink
22bPearl Millet, use, storage and processingPosterLink
23Sorghum, use, storage and processingPosterLink
24Radio Campaign, crop productionBriefLink


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